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Super Concrete Floor System

Superconcrete: your Green Flooring choice!

Transform your concrete floor Now!

the best Polished Concrete Floors

and Stained / Decorative Concrete Floors by Klindex!!!


Superconcrete: Transform your concrete floor!

The purpose is to transform the ordinary concrete floor into a floor which is remarkably shiny and dust free. Esthetically pleasing and has a functional point of view. …With very interesting results.


Resistant to heavy traffic and passage

The concrete polishing process represents the last generation of industrial, civil and functional point of view. Thanks to the new technology of machines and products, it is possible to restore old concrete floors and transform them into a surface so beautiful that they can be compared to a marble or terrazzo floor. The concrete floor polished with Superconcrete obtains a surface extremely durable, without a resin coating or paint that can detach or spoil over time. It is also suitable for the traffic of forklifts, as there won’t be any signs of tire marks on the floor, while providing excellent grip. The Superconcrete technique is the result of the grinding with diamond discs and the hardening of the surface, operations which allow you to close the micro-porosity of the cement, making the floor dustproof, easy to clean, resistant to external agents and to the passage of heavy vehicles. Also the hygienic aspect is appreciated on workplaces.


Competitive costs

It is possible to add an artistic touch coloring the Superconcrete with impregnation colors called Color Beton Dye. The color penetrates deeply without creating a film, becoming indelible and difficult to scratch. The features of the polished concrete make the Superconcrete a suitable an appreciated solution in industrial and civil floorings: plants, supermarkets, parking lots, stores, offices, restaurants, discos, night clubs, pubs, bars, taverns, cellars, dealerships, show rooms and flats. In addition, the low costs of implementation and maintenance make Superconcrete a competitive alternative also in time. This is because the maintenance of the floor diminishes, as there is less resistance; this way brushes, discs and mops have a longer life. Unpolished concrete floors on the contrary, require an aggressive scrubbing to get a clean environment and a nice aspect. In addition, the polished concrete is a product approved by Leed, and it is a solution that avoids the need of an extra-covering. The polished concrete is durable and when cleaning you can perform cleanup operations with a reduced consumption of chemical product.


polished concrete floors ideas samples decorative staided


polished concrete floors ideas samples decorative staided


The advantages

• The advantages Dustproof • Durable surface • Aestheticly pleasing • Resistant to heavy traffic and forklifts • Easy to clean • Resistant to external agents • Highly hygienic environment in the workplace • Possibility to color (to make stained or decorative concrete floors)


The technique in a few words

• Concrete polishing • Elimination of height variances. Consolidation of concrete with a special hardener • This process causes a chemical reaction resulting in the hardening of the concrete • Polishing to obtain a high finish, shine and brilliance of the floor when cleaning, you can perform cleanup operations with a reduced consumption of chemical products.


polished concrete floors ideas samples decorative staided

The floors is very resistant to the passage of heavy vehicles. You Can Make your logo brilliant!!!


polished concrete floors ideas samples decorative staided

Water and Oil repellent; This kind of surface is very appreciated in workplaces




SuperConcrete is a polishing system for concrete developed by Klindex which turns every type of cement into a smooth, highly resistant and incredible beautiful glossy surface. With the SuperConcrete system even an old, stained and worn floor can be polished to make it look like new, extremely resistant, repellent to dirt, and easy to clean. With very few steps you will be able to polish, make waterproof, create logos, getting a nice surface like marble and strong as concrete. The SuperConcrete system offers different procedures to achieve different finishes: SUPERCONCRETE PREMIUM, SUPERCONCRETE FAST and SUPERCONCRETE TERRAZZO EFFECT.


polished concrete floors ideas samples decorative staided
SuperConcrete PREMIUM
▪ Very Flat
▪ High Gloss Surfaces
▪ Stain Proof
▪ Hi-tech Look
▪ Variety of Color Options

polished concrete floors ideas samples decorative staided
SuperConcrete FAST
▪ High Shining Surface
▪ Modern Look
▪ Easy to Keep Clean
▪ Quickly and Easy

polished concrete floors ideas samples decorative staided
▪ Full Exposition of the Aggregates
▪ Very Flat Finishing
▪ Variety of Color Options
▪ Contemporary Terrazzo Look



polished concrete floors ideas samples decorative staided






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